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Conference Experts

How to Measure the Success of Your Event: Advice from Conference Experts

At Conference Group, we have been at the helm of many events. We have walked with event management companies in London as both hotel bookers and conference experts to help them make the best decision for their event. But if you have an event coming up, there is one step in the process that you […]

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Event Management Companies London

4 Surprising Facts about the Event Management Industry in the UK

Whether you are looking to hire event management companies in London or need to find the best hotel booking agency to manage your next event, you might be unaware an entire industry caters to your needs. This industry even makes up 10% of the UK’s GDP. But going beyond that, the information you might not […]

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Top 5 Tips to Get the Most from Your Event Management Service

Do you plan to hire an event management service for your next event? If so, you want to go at it with a plan. With so many event management companies in London, the greatest challenge you face is hiring the right one. Want help? Below we’ve listed a few helpful tips for hiring the best […]

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