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ConferencesGroup – Expert Venue Finding

ConferencesGroup connects business professionals with exceptional venues for their event. With a fully searchable conference database of over 15,000 venues, ConferencesGroup leads the industry in expert venue finding.

Customised Service

ConferencesGroup allows business professionals to search over 15,000 event and accommodation venues through search tools customized to fit their needs. Professionals can search our database by conference room capacity and style according to the type and size of their event. Additionally, our expert booking agents can take our client’s preferences and specified locations and search our database to assist in finding the perfect venue.

Once a few options are nailed down, clients can tour the facilities virtually by viewing images of the venue, rooms, floor plans, and approximate locations to the airport, train stations and other transportation services from the comfort of their computer. By providing fast and accurate venue details and options, clients can book their event and breathe easy knowing their venue is secure.

Experienced Booking Agents

All of our booking agents at ConferencesGroup have a minimum of 5 year of experience working in the event booking industry. Each of our expert booking agents takes the time to listen to our client’s needs and consider all variables before searching through our database. Once a venue is selected, our agents will provide a basic quote and will move forward with negotiations based on our client’s preferences. Features such as services and prices can and will be negotiated on behalf of the client when necessary.

The experience of our staff is invaluable, and we realize how incredibly important it is to connect our professionals with a staff that is trained and experienced in venue booking negotiations. That is why our team of experts is sourced from only the best agents available. All of our staff members have extensive backgrounds in corporate travel and event planning, and bring both experience and networking connections to ConferencesGroup.

By hiring an expert team to work as self-employed consultants, we are better able to provide our clients with personalized service from a team of agents who are deeply invested in their needs. Our team’s ability to deliver premium service that is adapted to fit our clientele’s budget and preferences is priceless, and just one more reason we are leading the way in professional booking services. In a phrase—our expert team provides exceptional temporary event planning personal assistance when you need it.

FREE to Use!

Our FREE to use expert venue sourcing team, ensures that you save time and money while searching for your event venue. Now business professionals no longer have to sacrifice quality personalized service to stay within budget. Through our free event venue database, professionals can easily find the venue they need, for the price they want, without spending any additional time or money trying to find the right booking agent. As a free to use booking agency service, ConferencesGroup goes above and beyond traditional booking services.

Fast and Professionally Formatted Quotes

Within 2 hours of commissioning our expert team members to find the perfect venue, our clients will receive an attractive professionally formatted quote presentation with plenty of venue options. This enables professionals to present the quote to executives or financial departments who are invested in the event. By providing comprehensive and professionally formatted quotes, our expert team ensures that our clients receive premium service quickly and without error.

Professional Booking Services

In addition to sourcing the right event, our expert venue finding team can also secure venue booking. Our team will take into consideration the budget, preferences, and choices of our clients to in turn book the event for the date selected. By choosing our expert team, our clients receive better prices and professional service that may otherwise be unavailable. It is our dedication to providing unwavering service that positions ConferencesGroup as an industry leading booking agency.

At ConferencesGroup, you and your company can save time and money all while receiving elite personalized service. Contact us today, and let us do the booking for you.

To gain immediate assistance with your enquiry please contact 0845 351 9917