6 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Your Venue

Planning your next conference can be a half year process. It involves venue finding at a higher level. As a venue finding agency, we help everyday folks and corporate leaders find the perfect venue for their event. Unfortunately, many folks choose to do it alone.

If you’ve got it in your mind to tackle your event planning without a venue finding agency, then here’s a few things you want to make sure you don’t hear during the planning process.

Venue Finding Agency - 6 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Your Venue

Vague Contracts

Vague contracts are the pathway to an unsuccessful event. Look for concrete contracts that have itemized lists to guarantee you don’t end up without the essentials for your event.

Parking is Limited

Limited parking is a sure-fire way to upset your attendees. As a conference agency, we know the importance of finding a venue that has plenty of parking. It not only is necessary, but also gives you the confidence to plan a large event ahead of time.

There Are No Restaurants Nearby

People love food. If your event doesn’t have food nearby, your attendees might end up heading out to find a meal and never return to your event.  If you hear that the closest restaurant is a 10-minute drive away, run as fast as you can away from that space.

Accommodation Is Limited

Limited accommodation prevents your attendees from relaxing in between the conference. Investigate nearby accommodation to make sure attendees have some place to go.

The Building is “Historic”

“Historic” is often code for “outdated”. If you need equipment and a space that is more apt for presentations, then focus on finding a venue that is upgraded, or at the very least renovated.

There is NO Staff On Hand

Don’t underestimate the importance of having full-staff on hand. Why? Because your attendees may have requests that you can’t quite fulfill, and you’ll appreciate having that extra support.

If you need a venue finding agency to help you secure the best venue, you might want to check out our services. We’re happy to accommodate any of your needs.




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