A Conferences Group Guide to New Year’s Resolutions for Event Planners!

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As another year is drawing to a close, here at Conferences Group we have been reflecting on some of the events we have helped to find venues for in the last 12 months. We work closely with many events planners when it comes to sourcing venues and so we take a look here at some of the New Year’s resolutions they may want to make to ensure 2020 is a massive success for them:

#1 Expand your network

There is a famous quote “If you want different results you have to try different things” and with the world of events changing all the time, why not make 2020 the year you try different things? Work on expanding your network and meeting new people, and seeing what they can offer you. Maybe you want to look at improving your sustainability credentials by working with some more environmentally friendly suppliers or you may want to try different event caterers so that you can offer something new and exciting at your next event. 

You may also want to look at new talent as well, perhaps improving ticket sales by using different speakers to attract a more enthusiastic audience.

#2 Be more organised

This is one for all of us, not just event planners! However, even the most experienced event planner will tell you that they are always learning and they are constantly refining their approach. It is really important, therefore, to find ways to stay on top of your to-do list – whether it be through post-it notes, spreadsheets or task-oriented apps.

Another thing you can do which will help you in the future is to keep track of what worked and what didn’t. Many event management companies London write event reports where they do a post-event evaluation helping them to calculate return on investment and drill down to what they need to do to ensure future events are a success.

#3 Grow your social media following

We live in an increasingly online world, and social media has an increasing role to play in the success of events the world over. So, in 2020 you need to come up with a robust social media strategy which includes thinking about how you will use all of the top social media platforms in your promotional strategy. 

You would be wise to talk to your attendees and discover what social media platforms they are spending time on, and make sure you are active on those. You may decide to launch a YouTube channel to share videos of conferences, or perhaps establish a presence on Instagram.

You can use your website, your blog and your email marketing to raise awareness of your social channels, and you should try to position them as places where attendees can find exclusive announcements and behind the scenes sneak peeks. 

These are just a couple of New Year’s Resolutions that we think would work well for events planners. If you do want to try something new in 2020 and are looking for the perfect venue for your event, then please give our team of conference booking agents a call, they are ready and waiting to help.


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