A Venue Finding Service Guide to Finding the Perfect Venue

Venue Finding Service

With a strict deadline to work to and sometimes limited information to go off, venue finding can be both time consuming and costly. From establishing how suitable a venue is to establishing a budget it can also be a stressful addition to anyone’s workload – especially if it’s not something that you are usually responsible for. This is why it can be a great idea to use a venue finding service as they will be able to guide you using their knowledge and experience. For example, at Conferences Group we have worked with many different companies in the past and so we know the important things you need to keep in mind to make sure you source the perfect venue.

#1 When?

The most important question to ask when you are planning an event is when is the event going to take place? And perhaps more importantly, how flexible the client is with the date. If they are fixated on one date then they may find it difficult to get the venue of their dreams as it may not be available on that date. You also need to know whether the event is going to be a half-day event or a full day event, as knowing this will give you the option to negotiate a half day rate with the venue that will potentially save you money. It is also important for your attendees to know, so they know whether they need to factor an overnight stay into their budget or not.

#2 Where?

Location is also very important – and you shouldn’t be afraid to question the first location the client comes up with. Quite often people ask for central locations, but they may be better thinking outside the box and going for somewhere a little further afield to get a better choice of venue and more value for money. At the end of the day, if the venue works well for your company and your attendees, then the logistics can all be worked on.

#3 How Many?

It is important to not just know how many people you are expecting as a maximum, but how few as well. Any good hotel booking agency will tell you that venues will have minimum and maximum numbers that they are prepared to work with, and these will both have an impact on your quote.

#4 Who and Why?

Finding out the purpose of the event/meeting and what the end goal is essential information that you need to gather right at the beginning of the brief. It will have an impact on the style of venue that you choose as you will need to make sure that your purpose and message really comes through in all parts of the day. For example, if the leadership team of your business wants to get together somewhere and brainstorm ideas then instead of booking a boring bland hotel room, try an innovative and modern space that really inspires them.

#5 How Much?

Of course, a budget is also important as well. Even if someone says ‘there is no budget’ there invariably is. So, make sure you get at least a ballpark figure at your first meeting as this will give you something to work towards. When you have a maximum budget figure you can use this to come up with a realistic budget for the overall venue cost, as well as leaving a bit in reserve for things such as transportation, hotel bookings and additional meals that always seem to crop up.

#6 Booking Deadline

Do not take ‘asap’ as an answer when it comes to booking deadlines – someone’s ideas of asap could be tomorrow while someone else’s might be next week so you need to get a definite date in mind and define everyone’s expectations. Don’t forget to take into account for the length of time it will take you to get quotes back – and make sure to start your search early.

I guess what we are trying to say is the more questions you ask during the venue finding process, the more information you will have and the more likely you are to find just the right venue. If you are concerned with event management London then talk to the team at Conferences Group and we can help you to find a venue that will truly showcase your company’s values and the purpose of your event. Our whole team is dedicated to sourcing you the right space for your event, whatever it is.


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