Event Management UK: Tips for Finding Accommodations

Event Management UK

As an event management UK based company, we pride ourselves in offering top-notch venue finding service. Our work as one of many event companies in the UK is to help you plan a great event for your attendees. With that in mind, here are a few simple tips to find the right accommodations for your event.

Don’t Get Sucked in By Sales

Hotel chains are particularly good at getting you to fall for ‘sales’ deals. Many of these deals are nothing more than a reduction in hiked accommodation costs.

Be cognizant of the sales offered and do comparison shopping before you book any hotels. You could pay far more for your guest’s accommodation than is necessary. Our venue finding service helps you do just that as well.

Shop By Location, Not Price

Even the best price can be a bad deal if the location isn’t right. Your guests don’t want to travel across the country to find the event space. Select a hotel or overnight spot that is near your event to reduce the hassle of your guests. Sometimes you can find just as a good deal depending on your location. As an event management UK based company, we always advise our clients to look at location first for this reason.

Request a List of Amenities

Modern technology is a must for most conference attendees. Booking accommodation for your guests is an important task, but it could go sour if you choose a space without modern amenities. Look at wi-fi, heating and cooling, charging stations, and good parking for the basics. If your attendees are tech orientated, then select a space with more modern options they might enjoy. But above all, ask for a full list of these services before you book.

Negotiate on Rates

Most hotels are willing to negotiate with you on group rates. However, at Conferences Group, we negotiate on your behalf saving you the hassle, and we don’t charge you for the service! Inquire about this service if you want to save big on your accommodation costs.

Make Accessibility a Priority

Ask if the facility you are booking is handicap accessible. By law, most are required to offer handicap accessibility, but be sure to request the prices of these rooms as well. Your guests will appreciate you thinking of them.

If you need more assistance, we are one of the best event management companies in the UK and we stand ready to support you in booking the proper accommodations. Reach out to us today for more information.


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