Our Top Eight Reasons to Use a Venue Finding Agency

Venue Finding Agency

We know from experience that managing an event can be a complicated and time-consuming task. You will need patience, great organisational skills, flexibility and be able to multi-task amongst other things! When you look at it like that, doesn’t outsourcing as much of the task as you can sound like the smart thing to do?

Here are the Conference Group teams top ten reasons why you should use a venue finding agency when planning your next event.

#1 Saves Time

When it comes to it, we all know that using your time wisely when planning an event is critical to the success of the event. However, you could spend a large amount of your time researching the right destination and venue, contacting them to find out availability, chasing them to find out more information, pulling all of the information together to compare it in order to make the most informed decision, and negotiating with the venue to get the best price so that you can stick to your budget. If you use a conference agency to help you then all of these tasks will be taken off your shoulders and dealt with by a specialist who is used to dealing with this sort of thing. You will save yourself lots of time, which you can use to focus on the agenda and the content of the event, and anything else that requires your attention.

#2 Saves Money

You may not be an event planner by trade, you may be an office manager or PA who has been asked to organise an event for your company. Therefore, when you ring up a venue to discuss availability and prices you are just one person who they don’t know very well. However, if you use a venue finding agency such as Conferences Group, they will already have a relationship with the large majority of venues and will be able to negotiate a better rate for you to get you the best deal.

#3 Tap into Industry Knowledge

Venue finding teams come equipped with great knowledge of the destinations and venues available that you might not otherwise know about. Part of their job is to keep up to date with changes in the industry, attend industry trade shows, develop and maintain relationships with venues and so on. This means that they have a database of contacts to draw on as soon as they know exactly what it is you are looking for, which means that you will get what you want much quicker than if you tried to do it yourself.

#4 Professionally Formatted Quote

Within 2 hours of commissioning our expert team members to find the perfect venue, you will receive a professionally formatted quote featuring a wide array of venue option’s. This enables you to quickly present the quote to your companies’ executives or financial departments who are invested in the event and allows everyone involved to make a fully informed decision.

#5 Stress Relief

As we mentioned in the introduction, we know how stressful event management can be, and being tasked with finding the perfect venue definitely adds to this stress. If you use a venue finding agency to help with this, then you will alleviate a lot of this stress of your shoulders as you have handed the task over to a trusted specialist. Don’t worry – using a venue finder does not mean that you lose control of the event or are any less involved in the selection of the venue. On the contrary, you still make the final decision, but our expert team will be in charge of the sourcing, dealing with the supplier to get you the best deal, and smooth your relationship with the supplier to make everything a lot easier for you.

#6 No Change Necessary

The hospitality industry is about people and building relationships, and people will move around in their career – from one role to another, from one venue to another, even from one location to another. People move and venues change and so it is much easier for you to develop a relationship with your venue finder than it is with a sales contact at your venue, because if the sales contact changes role or leaves then the venue finder is still your main point of contact.

#7 Added Extras

Although we are a venue finding agency, this isn’t the only thing we are good at – we can also help with connecting you to the right suppliers that you need near to your chosen venue, should you need the help of offsite caterers or team building activity suppliers, for example. We can also help with photographers, DJs, venue dressing services and so on. Everything interconnects and so for us to give you excellent service we need to provide you with more than just a venue finding service.

#8 It’s a Free Service

Our venue finding service is complimentary – yes you read that right. You won’t pay for our service. Instead, we get a placement fee from most hotels or venues. This does not mean that we will insist you go with one particular venue over another, nor does it mean that if you went directly to the venue you would save this fee. The fee we get comes from a separate budget. This is how we are able to offer you such a fantastic service.

So, if you are looking for help with venue finding or a meetings booker, then please get in touch with the friendly and experienced team at Conferences Group.


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