Venue Finding Agency – Why Use One?

Venue Finding Agency

If you have ever tried to find and book a venue for a meeting or event, then you know it can be quite a daunting task, as not only is it time consuming, but can also be costly as well. With a large amount of venues available in the UK alone, and numbers growing every day, it can be difficult to even know where to start. This is where a great venue finding agency – like Conferences Group – comes in. The experienced team here, can not only do all the searching for you, taking all the time and effort off your hands, but we also have access to and knowledge off venues that you may not have even thought of. So, here are ten great reasons to choose us, next time you need to source a venue for your event:

#1 Unparalleled Knowledge and Experience

The team at Conferences Group has years of experience between them, and access to a database of over 15000 venues which means that we are skilled at finding you just the right venue for your particular event.

#2 Time Saving

Once you have given us the brief, we will go off and quickly find and book the appropriate venue and accommodation to suit your needs. This service also includes negotiating with the required venue to make sure you get the best rate available. This leads us nicely on to:

#3 Cost Saving

We have built up great relationships with many of the venues we deal with over the past twenty years, and so are able to negotiate excellent deals on your behalf – as well as being able to wield considerabley more buying power than you may as well.

#4 Virtual Tours

Our fully searchable database of over 15000 venues also offers clients the opportunity to view images of their chosen venue in virtual reality, including floor plans, specific rooms and approximate distance from transport links such as airports and train stations.

#5 Event Management Help

Not only can we source the best venue for your needs and book it at the best price, but we can also offer help with event management uk as well, including audio and visual support, conference production and even stage dressing. The team at Conferences Group has the knowledge and skills needed to help you produce your most memorable event yet.

#6 Act as a Barrier

It is quite usual in the conference industry for venues to telephone the hirer to chase up payments, or final numbers, or a million other things – and these sorts of calls can get a little bit irritating, as well as being time-consuming. Your venue finding agency can act as a barrier between you and the venue and shield you from these sorts of calls when you are making booking enquiries.

#7 No Hidden Costs

At Conferences Group we always take budget into consideration when we are searching for the perfect venue, and so we make sure that you are well aware up front of what all of the costs involved will be. This means that once you have made your final choice and picked your venue, you won’t be hit by any hidden costs that may blow your budget out of the water.

#8 Fast and Efficient Service

Obviously, when it comes to finding the perfect venue for your needs, the more time we have to search for it and the more flexible you can be on the dates the better. However, we are well aware that on some occasions you may only have a short lead time to work with. Our market leading software paired with our experienced team, means that we will still be able to find you a suitable venue at short notice if we need to.

#9 Fantastic Customer Service

The more times you use our service, the better we will get to know you and your business and this will make each and every booking much easier from both sides.  Building up a great relationship with all our customers is our top priority, and knowing what kind of venues you prefer means we can always contact you with special deals from your preferred venues whenever they may arise.

#10 Free to Use

Yes, our venue finding service is 100% free to use.

We also offer a range of other services, including a Payment Solution (Billback) which enables you to use our team to streamline your accounting process as they will take on the tasks of processing and paying conference invoices, and consolidate all of your charges into one single monthly invoice. This takes a lot of the associated administration out of your hands, leaving you with more free time to concentrate on other areas of your business.

If you are interested in finding out about any of our services, including event management london, then please get in touch with the team today.


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