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7 Essential Time Management Tips for Event Planning

7 Essential Time Management Tips for Event Planning

Event management isn’t an ebb and flow—it rarely stops.

If you’re in charge of event management in your company, then you definitely need to effectively manage your time.

As a venue finding agency, we’re familiar with the overwhelm our clients feel while planning an event. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Event management in the UK doesn’t have to be a time-sucking process that leaves you exhausted. Check out the following 7-time management tips guaranteed to up your event management game.

  1. Isolate your productivity personality.

It may sound cheeky, but everyone has a productivity personality. How do you best absorb information? Is it through visual cues, bullet point lists, or are you a more ‘hands-on’ type of person?

Determine what it is that gets you going and motivates your work, then align your events management style.

  1. Eliminate To-Do lists.

Contrary to what you think, to-do lists can slow you down and overwhelm you. Instead, create a list that includes time-lines for each task.

Our work in events management in London has taught us many things, but above all, experience proves that schedules are critical to the success of any event. Don’t just write out what you have to do, write down when you’ll do it.

  1. Plan, plan, and plan some more.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning your event. Start with a broad outline of what needs to be done, and work your way down to the minute details of the event. You’ll avoid serious mishaps or forgetting important details with this strategy.

  1. Maximize down-time.

When you’re riding in the tube or on the train, take out your events schedule and brainstorm on new ways to handle x, y, or z. Get your mind primed for decision making by maximizing every spare second you have. Trust us—you’re going to need it.

  1. Be more positive.

Avoid getting too stressed out. Even if you hire a venue finding agency to help with planning, you will still face hurdles. Keep a positive attitude if you want a positive outcome.

  1. Don’t overlook self-care.

Rest. Eat well. Exercise. Don’t overlook these important self-care routines whilst in the midst of event planning. Stay healthy to be successful.

  1. Work with your deadlines.

Stay on-top of your schedule and don’t allow your deadlines to become looming horrors in your mind. Give yourself space by planning far enough ahead that you can breathe.

Events management in London is a fast-paced business. Don’t let your event wear you down. Use these tips to create a balanced, on-time, and stress-free event from start to finish.