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ConferencesGroup offers Manchester PAs a chance to have their say (over cocktails)



As companies scrutinise every penny spent, PAs tasked with arranging events, conferences or training, have been challenged with working to even tighter budgets and negotiating the best value for money in a world of rising costs. In response to this, top hotel and venue finding agency ConferencesGroup, is inviting Manchester based PAs to attend an informal focus group evening on Thursday 1st August at Great John Street Hotel, Manchester, at 5.30pm.

The evening is aimed at those PAs who regularly book meeting and event space for their company. It is an opportunity to share the challenges and frustrations PAs face on a daily basis in return for cocktails and nibbles, courtesy of ConferencesGroup.

Simon Thompson, Managing Director of ConferencesGroup, the umbrella brand for Conferences-UK.org.uk, ConferenceVenues.com and CorporateDesk, says “Feedback and advice is essential in helping us improve our service. PAs account for one of our largest client sectors and we recognise that over the last few years buying trends have been shaped by changing business objectives.  We want to understand the best way for PAs to book meeting and event space and gain greater insight into the challenges they face so that we can better adapt to meet these demands.”

The focus group will be conducted in an informal manner lasting no longer than an hour. Anyone wishing to attend should email neet.kishore@conferencesgroup.com with contact details, company name and a broad idea of how many meetings and events you book each year.