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Identifying Your Event Audience — What to Consider

Identifying Your Event Audience — What to Consider

So you’re getting ready to host a conference. You’re excited to bring your brand to a whole new audience. But wait, shouldn’t you at least have a general idea of who that audience is before you spend thousands on hosting an event?

We say yes!

While there are plenty of event management companies in the UK who can walk you through the booking process, it’s ultimately up to you to know who your audience is. If you aren’t quite sure who your audience is check out the following professional advice.

Why It’s Important

Before we go too far, you want to know precisely who your audience is so you can tailor your marketing to their needs. Customised calls to action, invitations, and flyers have a more powerful effect on your event than generalised marketing. Professional event management puts marketing front and center, as it determines whether your event is a success.

How to Discover Your Audience

One way to determine your event audience is to do a sample poll. Ask your social media followers to share their general age, sex, and location. Use this as a starting point for creating your ‘ideal’ attendee.

Also, keep in mind the audience of the larger event. If you’re sharing your conference with other companies, size them up to see who’s interested in their conference to make a better decision.

Another excellent way to determine your audience is to simply size up your brand. Who comes to your marketing expos? Who make up the vast majority of the people who follow your company on social media? Answering these questions puts you in a better position to target your audience.

For professional level event management in London, we can help. Don’t leave your audience or your marketing to chance. Other event management companies in UK don’t focus on your audience, but we understand how important it is to the success of your event. Give Conference Group a go and experience personalised service from a professional company.