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Event Companies UK

What Event Companies UK Need to Know about Event Trends this Year

Think back to the last event you went to – did it look something like this? Broken pop-up stands, mismatched chairs, discarded lanyards, and empty paper cups everywhere? Many event companies UK face this battle every day – how to take tired speakers, uninspiring content and misspelled name badges and turn them into the best […]

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Venue Finding Agency

A Venue Finding Agency Guide to Planning The Perfect Meeting

As a venue finding agency, we get involved with finding venues for many different types of meetings that take place throughout the year. Meeting can take up a significant part of your time within a business, but sadly many employees have the view that they are a bit of a waste of time. This is […]

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Venue Finding Service

A Venue Finding Service Guide to Finding the Perfect Venue

With a strict deadline to work to and sometimes limited information to go off, venue finding can be both time consuming and costly. From establishing how suitable a venue is to establishing a budget it can also be a stressful addition to anyone’s workload – especially if it’s not something that you are usually responsible […]

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Conference Experts

The Conference Experts Guide to Corporate Events

As conference experts, we are often quite surprised by the number of businesses who don’t consider events as part of their core business, and so are not making the most of this great opportunity to showcase their business. We know that the focus at the moment tends to be on digital marketing, which is fantastic […]

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Event Management London

4 Smart Strategies to Streamline Event Management Planning

We don’t need to tell you; event management is a time-consuming activity. However, with the right strategy, you can tackle everything from venue finding to sending out invites in a timely manner. At Conferences Group, we also serve as a meeting broker and assist with event management in London. But you might find yourself overwhelmed […]

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Identifying Your Event Audience — What to Consider

So you’re getting ready to host a conference. You’re excited to bring your brand to a whole new audience. But wait, shouldn’t you at least have a general idea of who that audience is before you spend thousands on hosting an event? We say yes! While there are plenty of event management companies in the […]

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