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Welcome to ConferencesGroup, a venue finding agency where accommodation and conference booking is made easy through our experienced staff and superior technology.

Why Choose Us?

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and expand our Conference tools, and when you choose us you can be confident you’ll have access to everything you need to plan your event. Our venue and accommodations database expands on a daily basis, and we specifically designed it to adapt to the latest industry innovations. 

In addition, when you choose ConferencesGroup you will have access to a variety of billing options right at your fingertips. These tools allow you to organize and manage your information in one comprehensive location.

Simplicity and efficiency are the cornerstones of our business, and when you opt to use our services you can be confident the experience will be hassle and pain-free. Contact us today to start working with our team.

You can be confident that our experts will source the right venue and hotel within budget every time!

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What We Do…

At ConferencesGroup, as a venue finding agency we specialise in accommodation and conference booking while providing industry leading services to businesses and organisations that are looking for the best venues for their conference. We offer our clients free access to a team of experts who will quickly find and book appropriate venues and accommodations to fit their needs. This saves our client’s time and money while at the same time providing them with customised service tailor-made to fit their needs.

How We Can Help You…

In addition to our team of venue finding experts, we also offer our clients a collection of customised booking tools that enable them to find the right venue for their event. With literally hundreds of venues available at your fingertips, booking and planning a conference has never been easier.

To gain immediate assistance with your enquiry please contact 0845 351 9917 or use our Contact Form.